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Ritz' Story


We sadly lost two of our little girls in this last year, but we will NOT let them be forgotten.


Ritz was a giver, a true friend, and companion. She never let anyone be sad as she always had some way of making everyone smile. We all fought her cancer along side her, and were NEVER without thought of her happiness, what she experienced and what she offered.


This is one of the last pictures we took of our dear, dear Ritz in January 2008, just before hemangiosarcoma took her life.



Rest in Peace Our Precious Little Girl

26-March-1999 / 31-Jan-2008


Sassy's Story

This is one of the last pictures we took of our dear, dear Sassy in March 2009, just before hemangiosarcoma took her life.

Sassy pre-surgery

Sassy was our alpha dog, a loyal friend, protector, companion and integral part of our family. She was Ritz' best friend and the two were never apart as they were happiest together. Their legacy is to ensure that other dogs will not experience the same negligence and ignorance that they did. We all fought their cancer along side them, and we will continue doing so in Ritz & Sassy's name for EVERY dog!


Rest in Peace Our "Parisienne Girl"

29-April-2000 / 01-April-2009


Canine Cancer UK is going to make a difference for everyone.

Especially for People helping Dogs Fight Cancer in accordance with the

"Ritz & Sassy Protocol," which we hope will bring new guidelines

for all veterinary surgeries around the UK to implement,

ALERTING Vets to early signs of an aging animal,

and to ALERT owners of inexpensive early diagnostics

which may just save your beloved pets life!







Ritz & Sassy Protocol
Outlining our aim for new Veterinary Guidelines.

Ritz & Sassy's Story
Our Ritz & Sassy and their last photos and the motivation for us to help all other dogs fighting cancer. 

Your Stories
Please feel free to contact us with your individual stories of fighting canine cancer for others to read, and gain strength from.