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Dedicated to fighting dog cancer and cat cancer

Petscreen - Screening your pet for early signs of cancer. Absolute MUST to help stop the spread of Canine Cancer.

Our mission is to provide you with knowledge and support so that you can consult with your vet to get the best possible treatment for your dog.

Canine Cancer Awareness - Within these pages, we hope you find useful information to guide you on your journey with your dog in battling this disease.

Animal Cancer Trust

Animal Cancer Trust - Together we can make a difference

Animal Cancer Foundation

Animal Cancer Foundation - The Ruth & Sam Newman Initiative, "Saving The Life Of A Loved One"

Morris Animal Foundation Canine Cancer Campaign, Best Friends Helping Best Friends

Morris Animal Foundation - Finding the Cure

The Magic Bullet Fund helps people who have beloved dogs with cancer but cannot afford treatment costs.

The Magic Bullet Fund - Founded by Laurie Kaplan

National Canine Cancer Foundation

National Canine Cancer Foundation - If we all work together, We Are The Cure

Information - Dogcancer.net explains your options for the most effective canine cancer treatment & info on K9 Immunity.

Dog Cancer Information - Dogcancer.net explains your options for the most effective canine cancer treatment & info on K9 Immunity.

Pet Care Naturally

Pet Care Naturally - Dr Shawn Messonnier DVM - The Natural Vet

We are now able to offer free home visits to concerned owners in our area or allow them to visit us at our home should that be of any benefit to them.

GSD Help & Information - We offer Free friendly telephone and on line advice on all aspects of the German Shepherd Dog and its welfare, including such things as health and behaviour related issues

2 Dogs 2000 Miles Our Mission:  Discovering the Cause of Cancer not Finding a Cure

2dogs2000miles - A Walk from Austin to Boston...

A Walk for all those touched by cancer...

And the start of a journey to rid the world of this disease.

The Sumner Foundation - For dogs with Hemangiosarcoma

UK National German Shepherd Dog Helpline. The UK's most comprehensive site of its type. Free telephone & online help and advice on all aspects of the breed and it's welfare.

GSD Helpline - The UK National German Shepherd Dog Helpline

Ginger's Story

Rosemary's Solutions - For Sustainable Wellness

For real time help from people like us who are going through this together from all over the world...

Canine Cancer - Canine Cancer Support Group

Hemangiosarcoma - The Sumner Foundation

Endlesslove - Pet Bereavement Group

Pets in Paradise

Pets in Paradise - Only the best for your Pet because we know you care...






Ritz & Sassy Protocol
Outlining our aim for new Veterinary Guidelines.


Ritz & Sassy's Story
Our Ritz & Sassy and their last photos and the motivation for us to help all other dogs fighting cancer.


Your Stories
Please feel free to contact us with your individual stories of fighting canine cancer for others to read, and gain strength from.