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A Story By Kathy

We brought Oscar, our English Bulldog,  home when he was  7 weeks old.  He was such a good boy, loving, playful, always wanting to be part of the family and so patient with his little brother Oliver. 

There will never be another like him for us  Right before Thanksgiving in 2007, I was scratching his neck and felt his enlarged lymph nodes.  I looked up swollen lymph nodes on the internet and Lymphoma jumped out everywhere I looked.  I was terrified and made a vet appointment for the next morning.  The vet did a needle aspiration and we had to wait three days for the awful news that he did indeed have lymphoma.  We got him in to see an oncologist the next day and they started him right away on the Madison Wisconsin protocol.  We knew that his life would now be thought of in terms of months and not years and it was a very sad time for us.  He responded well to the chemo and went right into remission.  Most of the drugs didn't affect him badly, but he did have some bouts of diarrhoea and vomiting.  But for the most part, he still enjoyed his walks and his dinner and just being with us. As we approached his last chemo treatment at week 25, I again felt his lymph nodes getting bigger.  The oncologist confirmed that he was out of remission.  She decided to put him back on prednisone and Elspar and his nodes went back down for two weeks and when they came up again, we tried CCNU as a rescue protocol.  He didn't seem to be feeling as well as he had during the previous chemo, and he began to get restless and unable to sleep at night.  We sat up all night with him cooling him off with damp towels and feeding him ice cubes, but we could see that he was nearing the end.  When we took him back to the oncologist, she did a chest X-ray which showed that the lymphoma had spread into his lungs and he was having trouble breathing.  She encouraged us to end his suffering and he passed away in our arms at 6 years of age.  We always vowed not to let him suffer, so we took the suffering upon ourselves and let him go.  There will never be another like him for us, Oscar with his big yellow ducky that he would play with every night, his talking to us with his own language of yips and moans, his happy growl and wiggle when we would walk through the door. 

He is always in our hearts.




Ritz & Sassy Protocol
Outlining our aim for new Veterinary Guidelines.   

Ritz & Sassy's Story
Our Ritz & Sassy and their last photos and the motivation for us to help all other dogs fighting cancer. 

Your Stories
Please feel free to contact us with your individual stories of fighting canine cancer for others to read, and gain strength from.