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German Shepherd


by Blake D.

Kirby Christmas 2006

Kirby was a stray I found running the streets, but that was a very long time ago, sadly a lifetime ago. Kirby was my best friend and confidant. She was always there for me, the one sure constant in my otherwise chaotic world. I can't recount the number of tears that I cried into Kirby's beautiful black shiny coat. Her response was to always give me a great big lick on the face...as if to say, it's ok, I'm here.

Kirby loved everything and everybody. She was the most gentle girl and kind to all living things. As big as she was is as big as her heart was. When I found out that Kirby had cancer I was shocked, like all people are I'm sure. But this big beauty gave a brave and strong fight living nine months longer then she should have. I lost my beautiful girl on March 11, 2008 to that terrible disease. I will always hold her in my heart and I know that my Kirby is now my angel for real...


Kirby Portrait

Forever loved, missed By Blake D.








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