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Prinhill Tipper Night Shadow


Tipper, The Story:

By Sheila & Peter

The Vision of a ball mixed Black and white. We had a breeder that I was doing business with for over 20. It was Prinhill Kennels Charlton Ma. USA Understand here I had already bought two other dogs from her before this visit so I thought I knew the selection I would be looking over when we arrived there. Understand this was not a puppy mill by any means and this was not your back yard breeder here this kennel was known in Show and Champs all over The USA for standard an had only one breed The Shetland Sheep Dog.


The daycame to go to see the pups and Sheila my wife and I took the forty-minute ride out to the country to see the new brood. When we got there, Pat Brunner the owner took us right in and told us to wait in the kitchen, while she went to get all the pups for sale. Oh my God there came a wave of puppies or so it seemed. I am sure there were about a dozen there she had two dogs that had pups about the same time. I was looking them all over and nothing said here I am. The breeder said hold on here I have another dog that had pups a week ago an they will not be ready for 8 weeks and are the last of my husbands dogs pups. Pat the breeder took Sheila and I into another room there behold was another batch of pups the eyes were not even open yet. Do not touch them she said but, look them all over then let me know if there is anything there for you? It was not long and Pat Brunner came back into the room. Well she said? What did you find your pal? Sheila my wife said yes. Pat came over said let me see which one. Sheila my wife pointed down to the small bed where there was a black and white ball was resting near his siblings. Sheila asked the all-important question is this a boy. The answer was why yes it is. Pat asked are you looking for a boy. My wife said yes. Come back again in a few weeks make sure this is who you would like to have for your new friend Pat said.

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Tipper was born: 5/13/93

Well as one might guess we took him home he was beautiful Bi Black and White male Sheltie I had ever seen and was nothing less than a fur ball from start to finish. He was like a child that never grew up he played all the time and never stopped right up until the very night he passed way.

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This is our Bi Black & White Prinhill Tipper Night Shadow this year eleven years old. Tippers dad CH Shadow Hill Jazz On Prinhill Was best of breed and show 157 times from 1985-93. Tipper's Died December 20, 2004 at 1:20 PM. Tipper was a champ that never went to a show. Everybody loved him, he was once called the ambassador because of his personality.

 Tipper had been out to go do his duty and it had snowed here and the ground was white like a sheet. I looked down there and the pee spot looked rust coloured. I let him out again and the same result. I had my wife call to the vets to get this looked at. Well the verdict was bladder infection? OK we had pills and went through tem all. Again we had snow and then out for his duty Tipper went. I was watching to see if the meds cleared this all up. I dam near dropped to the floor he walked away after his pee the snow was red as blood not rust coloured. Back to the vet X-ray test Biopsy and Boom. The vet came out to let me wife know what they saw a round ball Tumour growing in the bladder. The test result came back positive malignant growth and not operable. This is an aggressive cancer. We looked at the vet he said a month or two at best. I went outside and balled. I was asked back into the room Sheila my wife said look there are meds he can take that will allow him time with no pain it is an experiment.  The vet said it is peroxicam real name feldine. He will need half a pill once a day with tagamint. He may get good quality time for six months who knows.

Tipper Adult I ran out of that place. I told Sheila my Wife I would give my life to have him here forever but, it is not going to be, we have to try something. Well you see you grab at a straw? We had only one thing we needed to know from the vet will this be quality time for him. The vet said it has been for the three others on this test!  Off we went into another hill in the road of life trying to fight the beast in battle called cancer. You see we had Fur Children and he was ours. We had no children Tipper was our boy and we did all we could, as would any good parent. Tipper had little or no pain we could see but, had to ware a dipper. He loved to play. I will saw it never slowed him down no one bit.  We had a year and three months of good time with Tipper and the World stopped. Our Christmas Gift of coal a lump the size of your car Tipper passed way four days before Christmas. To all of this our friend and breeder Pat Brunner of Prinhill Kennels died two weeks to the day before our Tipper from cancer. We were empty for no better word.


Happy Family

The legacy that Tipper left us started just before or rather just after he was found to have Cancer. We made our first walk for a cure. This is a one-mile walk for Pet Trek, which is an annual fundraiser for Cancer at our Local Veterinary Collage Tuffs University. Tipper made two of these walks the last one he walked half way and I picked up his pain-ridden body and carried him the rest of the way in my arms. We have made many walks in his honour as well as raised $3,000 plus dollars for this cause. Seen best on this page Tippers Trek.



Tipper also had many likes he loved people. So I set up a site as if he was in charge to my delight it has taken on life of it’s own. People are still asking if Tipper made the web site. I had to laugh!



  The essence that Tipper has left behind is to never bitch or grouch or get ugly. Tipper was always happy he never sat there and gave up not even once. We could all learn a lesson from him even me. We joined an on line Support Group Called EndlessLove At Yahoo.com for pets with cancer.  I am not sorry I did and if you did not guess I am still there helping all I can. I also started an own a Group on Yahoo.com Called Life After Pet Loss. This was set up as a sister group for EndlessLove for all folks that lost the battle with cancer or just plain lost their pet to death and need to talk about the void. So Yes Tipper as have many of our pets, changed people's lives in a way many will never know nor will they understand the profound impact and legacy they have left to us all.


Thank you all please know, more and more of our Family members and friends and pets die to cancer each and every day. We are close to the answer just not close enough. Reach into your pockets and give until we know the cure is in our Grasp.




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