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Saturday, March 22, 2014 | 05:57 AM IST


Dog DNA could help develop new therapies for cancer treatment in humans

Researchers have claimed that using genomic analysis to study  in dogs can help develop new therapies for humans with cancer.

Pure-breed dogs, whose genetics have been standardized by hundreds of years of human intervention, provide highly predictable genetic models useful in designing clinical trials, in which specific drugs are matched to the molecular profiles of human patients, according to the study.

Genetic samples from 31 dogs were analyzed in the proof-of-concept study organized under NCI's Comparative Oncology Trials Consortium (COTC). Genetic samples were derived for this study from tumor biopsy samples. No dogs were harmed in any way in this clinical study.

The COTC study was organized according to the propensity of different breeds to develop particular types of cancer. The study included Scottish terriers with bladder transitional cell carcinoma, golden retrievers with lymphoma, American cocker spaniels with melanoma, and a fourth group of dogs open to all cancer types.

The study's 31 samples of dog tumors was compared to 40 normal canine tissues samples as a way of estimating the variance in gene expression. The target turnaround time for this analysis was 7 days, but the study averaged this process in less than 5 days.

The study has been published in the scientific journal PLOS ONE.



March 2014

March 2014... a BIG Thank you to everyone that has made a donation, we have been struggling to keep going over the last few years and all the help, as little or large, Helps our cause tremendously, 100% or your donations go to helping dogs with cancer.



Donations received September 2013

A Big "THANK YOU SO MUCH! " goes out to our most recent donation from Hook Norton Veterinary Group *Visit their website*

ALL donations are much needed and HUGELY appreciated as we are very small and want to keep our website going to help all those struggling to find information which may help their furry friends in any way possible. Again thank you to Hook Norton Group, we are very grateful!




Recent Fundraising!

Email sent to us on Aug 11, 2009

My friend and I are running Bristol half marathon next month, both of us work in a veterinary practice and see the devastation cancer causes first hand, we see dogs go through chemo, and both myself and colleague have had our own dogs go through exactly what we see the clients go through. I lost my dog "Trude" a year ago to lymphoma, Clare's dog went into remission! but now face's a nasty aggressive tumour in his mouth for which the prognosis is poor. We would both like to run for a mighty cause! and we would both like to run to raise money for your charity. It doesn't give us log to raise money, but through work and friends I am sure we can raise enough to help.

Your Sincerely,



Email sent to us on Sept 12, 2009

I'm slowly collecting your sponsor money from the Bristol half marathon, my finish time was 2 hours and a minute! Not the best result I was hoping for, but it was for the cause after all that I was truly running for! I will send a cheque next week (is your address on your website?) and would you like it made payable to Canine Cancer UK? Clare unfortunately came down with campylobacter before the race (one of the joys of working with animals!) so couldn't run to which she was gutted! I will get my boyfriend to email you some photos (beyond my skills and knowledge of the computer!)

Hope all is well!


We are so pleased to announce that £260 was raised by Debbie. Hopefully Clare will have recovered and made the run she had put in for following the bristol 1/2 marathon which she sadly missed. The girls had printed shirts with their beautiful dogs on one side and the CCUK logo on the other, pictured below...


Well Done!!

Bristol Half Marathon

Displaying Medal and Lovely "Trude" on Shirt

Bristol Half Marathon

Canine Cancer UK Thanks You!

Bristol Half Marathon

Well done and thank you so much for your brilliant efforts!!




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