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People Helping Dogs Fight Cancer

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Holistic Health


We cannot stress enough that good diet is one of the most important things in your dogs life. Read "The Natural Vet's Guide to Preventing and Treating Cancer in Dogs" and "Help Your Dog Fight Cancer: An Overview of Home Care Options" both of these have immeasurable help within their pages and will head you down the right path toward your dog's health and overall recovery. We found them a MUST for anyone that has a dog suffering from cancer.

Click below to find a Holistic Vet in the UK

Holistic Science in Veterinary Medicine, animal husbandry and management - Registered in London

British Association of Holistic Nutrition and Medicine




Ritz & Sassy Protocol
Outlining our aim for new Veterinary Guidelines.

Ritz & Sassy's Story
Our Ritz & Sassy and their last photos and the motivation for us to help all other dogs fighting cancer.

Your Stories
Please feel free to contact us with your individual stories of fighting canine cancer for others to read, and gain strength from.