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How You Can Help


Here's the easy part, all you have to do is print off the "Ritz & Sassy Protocol" take it to your veterinary surgery. Show it to them and ask them if they automatically scan older dogs for tumours, and if not, ask them why. ALL dogs past the age of eight, and all large breed dogs past the age of 6 SHOULD be regularly scanned.

Also send a copy to your insurance company and ask them if they cover preventative care for dogs and if not ask them why. It is improtant to help them realise in their terms (money) that is is FAR better to spend a little now than what they would spend should they have to pay for emergency surgery and chemotherapy. Also if something IS found during a routine scan, it far more likey to be treatable, and therefore the dog will live longer (good for us) and following many more insurance premium payments will be made (good for them).

Please take the five minutes extra at your vet to find out these things, it is after all your loved companion that is on the line here.

If you would like to help us either with your time or financially, we are currently looking for stories of hope and for financial help to fund our leafletting campaign/quest for testing for early signs of canine cancer.

Send us an email or if you wish to donate any amount please look on our links page and you will find MANY ways to help out others and their dogs primarily the Canine Cancer Awareness and The Magic Bullet Fund both allow you to see the actual animal you are helping. Or you could send your cheque made payable to Canine Cancer UK which will help us with running costs and further our outreach to getting dogs with cancer, the help they need.

Care of Kirt & Lisa Strasburg

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Ritz & Sassy Protocol
Outlining our aim for new Veterinary Guidelines.

Ritz & Sassy's Story
Our Ritz & Sassy and their last photos and the motivation for us to help all other dogs fighting cancer.

Your Stories
Please feel free to contact us with your individual stories of fighting canine cancer for others to read, and gain strength from.